Transforming Erie

by introducing people

to a transformational relationship

with Jesus.

Our L4 Framework

L4 is our discipleship framework. It’s how we plan to fulfill our vision. It’s not a Sunday school class or a sermon series; it’s a lifestyle devoted to following Jesus. It’s so important to us, we based our logo around it. The box is made up of four “L”s, each standing for one of the main catch phrases. We hope each time you see it, you’re reminded of what we stand for.

LEARN from Jesus:  We must constantly be renewing our minds with the wisdom and love of Jesus.

LIVE for Jesus:  A perfect life is impossible, but if we are living for Jesus, our lives can be meaningful and fruitful.

LOVE as Jesus:  Love as Jesus loved – in community! We must share life together in order to grow together and reflect the love of Jesus.

LEAD to Jesus:  How can we keep quiet? Jesus called us to go and make disciples. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to lead people to Jesus instead of away from Him.