“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:16 (NIV)

The holidays are a hectic time, especially as we get closer to Christmas, and we all look forward to when we can sit under a blanket, surrounded by family, feeling content, calm, and at peace.
Lowercase “peace.”

Have you ever thought about the difference between peace and Peace?

For peace is the feeling of calm, not doing anything at the moment, no pressing responsibilities, not required to do anything. You can just sit and “be at peace.” Peace, however (with the well-deserved capital P), is different.

You can be the busiest person, scared, hurt, or broken, and still feel Peace—the feeling of intense worship when your very soul is at peace, because you’ve caught a glimpse of what it’s like to put cares aside and remember that God is above it all . . . that no matter what lies ahead, you can feel His Peace in your soul.

Isn’t that amazing? We get so busy with the material, and the worldly pursuit of peace, that we forget about what Jesus offers freely, even in the most stressful of times.


I’ve struggled with fear my whole life, from the nightmares I imagined in my closet or my basement, to the grip of anxiety crushing my spirit. And yet, even in the darkest of times I’ve managed to limp my way back into His loving arms, and find Peace.

Never-ending, loving, soul-healing Peace.

We hear of those who’ve endured tragedy and trauma, and think, “No one deserves this,” or, “They’re so strong! So brave!” We see how our fellow man has gone through much and yet come out on the other side smiling and praising God—but still allow ourselves to be overcome with the stress of a holiday celebrating Him.

It’s silly to think of it that way; we get so caught up in trying to honor and celebrate God and what He’s done, that we forget to think about Him. We might all be ashamed to compare the amount of time spent stressing about the holidays to the time spent appreciating what they truly mean. Spiritual honesty usually makes us feel guilty.

But if you think about a broken world—about how we allow this time to fuel the flames of stress and depression on our tired souls— but then put everything back into perspective, it makes this one glistening light burn brighter:

God loves you, and believes you are worthy of the sweet hold of Peace.

Not the peace of a quiet moment.

Not the peace of finishing an assignment.

A godly Peace—one that pulls our souls back.

It’s the feeling of your parents’ arms around you, soothing the terrors of the night. An old friend reassuring you with a smile that they still care. The love that surges in your heart as you wake up next to your spouse. The feeling of safety that comes from a heavy blanket. A feeling so indescribable that we try in vain to compare it to earthly peace.

God gifted us with continually evolving languages and words to convey how we feel, all to express new emotions that tumble around our heads and our hearts—but with hundreds of thousands of words to represent infinite mixtures of emotions, we can never express what this truly is, so God gave us a word.

One perfect word.


He gave us the embodiment of Peace in His son, Jesus, crowning him with a beautiful title.

Prince of Peace.

PRAYER: Today we honor You, our Prince of Peace, and we open our hearts wide to receive Your gift of never-ending, loving, soul-healing Peace. Amen.

Ellie Dietz

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