South Korea is located on the Southern half of the Korean peninsula and is about the size of Minnesota. It is located in Asia. The population is 49 million.


South Korea is one of the world’s most ethnically homogeneous nations, being 98% Korean. The literacy rate is 100%. The o cial language is Korean. There are 4 languages spoken in South Korea. Only one language in South Korea has no portion of Scripture translated.


Average annual income is $19,136 per person, per year which is 40% of the USA average.


South Korea has a 1,000 year history of frequent invasions and interference from surrounding nations. The Japanese occupation (1910-1945), the foreign engineered division of Korea (1945-48) and the devastating Korean War (1950- 53) have molded the attitudes and politics of Koreans. Strong military-civilian governments held power from 1950 until 1987, when public unrest led to constitutional change and a more open, multiparty democracy. The first civilian president in 32 years was elected in 1992.


There is complete religious freedom in South Korea. Published numbers range widely due to uncertain boundaries between religious heritage and actual belief and practice, but it is believed that 35% of the population is protestant, 31% are non-religious, and 24% are Buddhist.