The Aderholdts

aderholdts missionaries

Location: Macedonia

David and Brenda focus exclusively on developing leaders, their capacity, their reach and their influence. This leads to more churches planted, more social challenges addressed such as homes for orphans, human trafficking and slaves. This leads to more jobs and infrastructure in crippled economies. This leads to more people hearing the Good News. They are committed to changing the world one leader at a time.

David and Brenda have three grown children.

Chris & Liz


Location: Creative Access Country/10-40 Window

Chris and Liz are involved in Bible translation and church planting. They were serving separately in those ministries in the same area before meeting and marrying in 2013. Now they serve together, but in the same capacities.

Chris and Liz have two children: Titus (October 2014), and Esther (February 2016).

Tom and Tina Froehlich


Tom and Tina are nearing retirement, and are living in the Erie area, speaking continually at Alliance churches around the tri-state area. They have served in Costa Rica, Uruaguay, and Peru. They have 3 grown children.



Location: Creative Access Country/10-40 Window

Briana works with a local anti-human trafficking organization. Their mission is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade. Some of her activities include delivering life skills workshops at a safe home, facilitating a prevention group for young girls, and going to a hospital for women and children with AIDS. She is so thankful for this opportunity to practically serve, demonstrate God’s love, and proclaim the good news of Jesus.

The Klejment-Lavins

klejment-lavins missionaries

Location: Seoul, Korea

Ryan and Carolyn are involved in Footstool Missions Center in Seoul with Jubilee Church. This missions center is like a “base camp” for missionaries to the 10/40 window; a needed resting and equipping stop on the way to the summit.

Ryan and Carolyn welcomed Noah into their family in 2014.

Shawn and Angie Mayle


Location: Nosy Mitsio, Madagascar

Shawn and Angie are part of a team whose goal is to start an evangelical church for the Antakarana people, using the local dialect and ultimately led by local leaders. The long-term goal is for this healthy church to plant a church for the Antakarana people living on the main island of Madagascar.

Shawn and Angie have three children: Liam (Feb 2009), Kailin (Jan 2011), and Gwen (Nov 2012).

Steve and Christy


Location: Russia

Steve is the Field Director for the C&MA Russia/Ukraine Field, and Christy oversees field hospitality, serves as the School Counselor, and as the Board Chair for the international school.

Steve and Christy have three children: Philip, born in 1995; William, born in 1997; and Jessica, born in 2000.

The Quirings

This is a transition year for Rob and Barbara as they have left Ecuador and are living in Nebraska. They are working through the Ministry Service Center in Colorado Springs. Rob is in conversation with the leadership team of the Spotlight English program and is looking for opportunities to assist in teaching English as a second language to refugees locally as a step of discernment with this ministry. There are also discussions regarding writing for the public relations department of their mission agency.

Rob and Barbara have two adult children.

The Yaikos

yaikos 2016

Location: Hungary

Kevin and Kristen are providing transformational education to school age children in an international setting. Kevin also coaches at the school and they seek out ways to share the gospel and disciple young believers.

Kevin and Kristen have three children: Seth (Nov 2007), Kate (Nov 2009), and Lucy (June 2013).

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