First Achievement Center is committed to nurturing your child spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally through a variety of activities.

Our Philosophy

    • Children are assisted in making safe, appropriate decisions for themselves.
    • Children learn through experiences allowing them to play, create and explore.
    • Children are unique and should be treated as such.
    • Children are gifts from God created by Him and for His purpose.
    • Children learn best when they are safe and healthy.
    • Children’s learning experience are developmentally appropriate.

Our Programs


3 Year-old Program meets Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15-11:45. This class is designed to introduce your child to basic school structure, for them to gain social confidence and introduced to ageappropriate Spiritual, Cognitive, and Physical concepts.


4 Year-old Program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:15-11:45.  This class is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten through our own 7 Days of Creation Curriculum.  Children can express themselves creatively, write, experience books, and learn age appropriate skills through God’s Creation.


5 Year-old Program meets Monday-Friday.  A unique program designed for children that would benefit from another year in preschool or miss their school district’s kindergarten cut-off date.  The age appropriate skills are taught through the 9 Fruits of the Spirit.

Extended day:

4 and 5 year old students have the option to add extended days on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s that run January-May until 1:30. This is designed to allow the children to experience a longer day, eat lunch independently, and enjoy a non-curriculum activity